Lagunamuch Records
Artist: Noisyfilter
Title: Radiance
Format: Digital
File Under: Ambient, Experimental
Availability: Bandcamp


Noisyfilter is a side-project of Roman Kolesnikov (Riverz End), showing a very different face in the work of the musician-composer. The main line of the project carries the listeners in the deep interior of experiments with noise, ambient music and etc. Album Radiance is the recordings of the author during his staying out of reality, his penetration into new unknown territory and searching for the own inner light. The long flexural lines of synthesizers, percussions that are moving around, field recordings, atmospheric ambient sensitive microelectronics, multilayer hypnotic maze - here is the exact space to find much of interest to open-minded people.

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01 Floods
02 Polyexp
03 Air
04 Garden
05 Traektoria
06 Radiance
07 Border Fear
08 Please Forgive My Robots
09 Plain Street
10 Guess Daily
11 Lake
12 You Are Here
13 Listener


Written by Roman Kolesnikov (aka Noisyfilter) Radiance delivers a splendid mantra-like evanescent ambient initiatory journey. The musical content is largely made of buzzing droning sequences, sampled textures sustained by a vast gallery of treated micro-sounds originally taken from field recordings and concrete noises. The soundscaping ambiences are simultaneously luminous, static and magnetic, substantially developed as fluxuous waves, meditatively cyclical and admitting micro variations as well as processed electronic moves. The opening track introduces the listener in a stylistically meditative calm soundscape, evolving slowly to reach an emotional state linked to a state of sacred fascination. “Polyexp” is a rigorously absorbing soundscaping ambience made of deep abstract-dynamic electronic orchestration. Radiance follows the path of subliminal drone frequencies including cinematic tendencies (“Air”, “Traektoria” and “Listener”) a certain romantic breathy aesthetic (“Garden”) and meaningfully mesmeric, psycho-acoustic sound gestures (“Border Fear” and “You are here”). The complete album is very personal but can implicitly be localized between the meditative sound quality of Cluster / Brian Eno’s classic collaborative works and the modern / challenging facets of dark ambient music (Tumulus Seraphin, Algol, Sinke dûs et al) with a delicate sensibility for musique concrète. Primordial and aerial dreamscapes devoted to deep tonal clusters. Magnificent if not transcendental sonic realms of complex electronic sonorities. Definitely recommended.

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