Lagunamuch Records
Artist: Gods Delusion
Title: Pieces
Format: Digital
File Under: Industrial
Availability: Bandcamp


Pieces is the first album of the iconic industrial project Gods Delusion (pre-Alexandroid), started in Latvia in the last century, 1992. The album is the combination of gothic, industrial and psychedelic music, projecting the atmosphere and spirit of ideas and experiences from those times. The album is an invitation to visit the Sacred Garden of your soul, accessible only with the music of Gods Delusion. Sincere, unmistakable sound of metallic synthesisers, samplers, drum-machines and vocals of Alexander Matrosov transformed through another dimension give a science fiction feeling to this music. Open up unknown spaces of sound and visit the places, where you have never been before.

All tracks written by Antonets/Matrosov/Bugnevits in 1992-1996 at various home studios.
Track 1 recorded live at Sloka cellulose plant, vocals by Matrosov & Alla. Tracks 2,6 recorded by Alexander Matrosov. Track 7 recorded by Bugnevits. Other tracks by Andrei Antonets. Compiled by Anton and Vilcinsh jr. at Mapl Studios, Riga, April 1996.


01 To be Happy is not an Easy Work
02 Fairy Tale
03 Garden
04 For Highs and Falls
05 Beside Me
06 All to Love
07 Dream of Nagoya
08 In Wait for More
09 Early
10 A2
11.1 Xylol (pour-it-in)
11.2 Xylol (discharge)
12 Materials

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