Lagunamuch Records
Artist: Alexandroid
Title: Gods Delusion
Format: Digital
File Under: Industrial, IDM
Availability: Bandcamp


Alexandroid was launched on the remnants of the experimental project Gods Delusion. This is the reason why the first Alexandroid album has got the same name. Its roots rise from the past of the indusrial/psychodelic project Gods Delusion. Unlike the previous project, Alexandroid music has got a new transmission form. His first album - Gods Delusion is a collection of artefacts of the Russian electronic old school. In this album Alexander Matrosov and Andrey Antonets are engineers-stalkers researching borderline sound spaces. They develop and form a unique synthesis between industrial, idm, rhythm'n'noise, breaks, techno, minimal-tech, dub, ambient and etc. styles in the Gods Delusion album brought to you by Peace technologies.


01 Sphere
02 Holycityzoo
03 Focus Girl
04 God's Delusion
05 Olainfarm
06 Anyway
07 Pyramid
08 Balsam
09 Insense
10 Dubovsk
11 Kshanty Note
12 19.99
13 Bingobonus

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