Lagunamuch Records
Artist: Gods Delusion
Title: The Toys for Your Imagination
Format: Digital
File Under: Industrial
Availability: Bandcamp


The Toys for Your Imagination – is the second album of the classic Gods Delusion, where previous romanticism changes to more serious topics. The music becomes dangerous, stressful and instead of lush electronic we are getting bombarded with industrial and rhythm'n'noise sounds. Suddenly the listener becomes a hero in a computer programmed world, where each track is an element of a more complex game. Our hero moves from level to level trying to understand his role in the game and piece together different parts of his new reality. In 1996 Gods Delusion disappeared from our reality, having left only two tape albums (Pieces and The Toys for Your Imagination).

All tracks written by Antonets/Matrosov/Bugnevits, recorded in 1992-95 at various home studios, except track 4 written by A.Wojtsehovski, recorded at Avex studios, Riga.
Tracks 2,6 recorded by Antonets/Matrosov/Bugnevits/Morozov at Apollo studios, Riga, mixed by mc/dc, vocals by Alexander Matrosov. Track 2 lyrics by Morozov. Track 9 recorded by Antonets/Matrosov, remixed in London by Matrosov. Track 3 recorded by Andrei Antonets at Avex studios, Riga. Tracks 10, 11, 12 recorded by Alexander Matrosov. Track 7 recorded by Bugnevits. Compiled by Anton and Vilcinsh jr. at Mapl studios, Riga, April 1996.


01 You May be There
02 Tree of Delusion
03 Look 'round (and don't look into your fuckin' soul)
04 Process
05 Members of Game
06 No Fear
07 Resistance
08 Tree of Delusion (white wasps version)
09 Islands in Move
10 There are the Things
11 Reflections
12 Epilogue

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