Lagunamuch Records
Artist: Banned Book
Title: Holographic Relationchip
Format: Digital
File Under: IDM, Experimental
Availability: Bandcamp


Banned Book – is a side-project of Arthur Berent, created to release music ideas, not related to the musical structure of Abstract Avenue.

Holographic Relationchip is another attempt to look into the future, see, experience it, and communicate the findings to the audience in the form of music. Every track on the album is a sound page of the book, which contains all the findings, hidden thoughts and fantasies, everything that can only be written in the Banned Book. This release is a completely new way of communication between different people, separated from each other by tremendous distances, sharing of experience and information in the history of civilisation.

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01 Theories
02 Dimmlicht
03 Death Dumps
04 Wispering Corridors
05 Hollow Earth
06 Holographic Relationchip
07 Death Dumps (Stableform escape rmx)


Moscow, Russia’s Lagunamuch have kept a low profile over the years; slowly developing their brand of high-quality electronics in each production. Banned Book is no exception, having carefully woven a detailed mesh of post-AFX frequencies, Arthur Berent manifests a clear trajectory of exp-tinged nostalgia. Sounds from the past morphing into the future, Holographic Relationchip dives straight into an abyss of digital-to-analog beauty bringing elements of Abfhart Hinwil, Novel 23 and Brothomstates to the forefront of a climactic six-track release for Lagunamuch.

Not entirely drowned in atmosphere, Holographic Relationchip casts a beam of synthetic light reflecting a new pathway for electronic music and its sub-genres. “Theories” opens with a cascading depth of crunched beatwork, weaving blips’n bleeps, vocodered whispers, and an emotional pull that is quite gratifying. “Dimmlicht” dips into techno-terrain, a thick brood of crisp synth notes, 4×4 percussion and a hypnotic melody takes the lead on this mysteriously orchestrated, dance-floor ready track. “Death Dumps” projects a more sinister vibration; its tone is tinged with industrialized wastelands, lost data slurs and a wash of drenched noise breaks through the midway point of this subtle book of shadows. “Wispering Corridors” levels out the playing field as its freeze – thaw cycle of minimalized beats flicker in the background. “Hollow Earth,” perhaps the flagship piece of the lot, could easily spin on repeat mode without hindrance; its heartfelt, almost classical style, harks back to late 90′s IDM… melodies spilling from every angle, the high-energy pulse of this piece is reason alone to seek out Holographic Relationchip. The title track zips the entire package and elevates its modulations into stratospheric realms.

A well-conceived volume of audio delight, Banned Book ceases the moment in this brisk 30-minute jaunt through time. Ripping through a boundless foray of upbeat versus downbeat electronics, Holographic Relationchip reconfigures past and present to deliver a new progression of future sound-escapes.

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