Lagunamuch Records
Artist: Abstract Avenue
Title: Sky&Telescope
Format: MP3
File Under: IDM
Availability: Free download


Abstract Avenue - is a solo project of Arthur Berent. He is a part of Flexkiks and a designer of Lagunamuch/Peace Technologies. Prior to this release, you could hear his work Submarine on Deep Sea Shipping compilation, released on Lagunamuch. Sky&Telescope is made of 6 tracks based on romantics, science fiction future and travels to outer worlds. Dort is the pearl of the release, which enigmatically combines melody and IDM structure. Works of Abstract Avenue is an incredible cocktail made from the inner space, air and fresh sound solutions. Carefully listen to the tracks and reach stars with your telescope.



01 Sky&Telescope
02 Inhomogen
03 Dort
04 Champs Elesees
05 Reclads
06 Argon-Isotopen

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