Lagunamuch Records
Artist: Nightech
Title: Reverse Flow
Format: MP3
File Under: Dark ambient
Availability: Free download


3 years later, after releasing his stunning album Deviation and Grey Strata Of Subways track on science fiction various artists cd, Main Control Board, Nightech is presenting his new masterpiece Reverse Flow EP. Reverse Flowwas finalised in parallel with the MCB release. All tracks were carefully and meticulously polished just like diamonds by a goldsmith.

Reverse Flow is a sound message from the restless territory of annihilation. Civilization on one of the planets destroyed itself and turned the planet into a toxic landscape with dead trees, quicksands and bare rocks, with no ozone layer and no remnants of conscious life. It may be just a weird dream, but this dream in the future may well come true.



01 Target State
02 Confined In Solitude
03 Hope 633-EA
04 Tearing Away


Another project signed to the Russian IDM/Electronica-label community Lagunamuch, but, as I had to learn, a quite experienced and long-year-active artist. Nightech, aka Ed Sherbakoff works for more than a decade to create deep and ominous Dark Ambient efforts under his Nightech moniker. He has brought out several releases via more or lesser prominent net-labels like the Portuguese Enough Records, or Germany's TonAtom throughout the years. First release for Lagunamuch has been the CD album 'Deviation', out in 2007 through this Russian label. This four-track download-only EP offers 4 tracks out of Ed's sound style , which all balancing well on the thin wire between darkest Ambient excellence, while not at all falling into harsh, Powernoise-like efforts. It's a binding and static musically trip, comparable with a thinkable session between projects like the defunct Objekt 4, Dahlia's Tear mixed with darkest Holocaust Theory ('¦somebody remember them'¦?), if you're on the hunt for comparisons. Of course, this stuff isn't that easy to pick-up and it rather suits with experienced Ambient-listeners. The info sheet of the Lagunamuch label describes this music as being 'a sound message from the restless territory of annihilation', and that fits very well. The grey artwork of a desolated and polluted landscape also supports this impression extracted out of this release. Stuff, which is a bit demanding to be checked out, but if you liked Nightech's contribution on the marvelous 'Main Control Board' compilation, you'll gonna dig with these 4 tunes, as they have been produced in a same time-window.

© Marc Tater / Chain D.L.K.

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