Lagunamuch Records
Artist: Insulator Project
Title: Insulator
Format: MP3
File Under: Industrial
Availability: Free download


Insulator Project was formed in May 2006. It included Maxim Ulrich and Anton Milotov. Alexander Kulagin (Altera Forma) and other musicians are working part time on the project. Their music style was mainly influenced by Download, Autechre, Scorn, Vromb...
This is the live recording in Electroclub, Moscow in 2007. It sounds like a real, live album of an experimental project - enormous amount of emitted energy, unpredictable sound invasions with strong line of isolation from the outer world. This is music of a turbulent space. It is best understood on your own in a dark room, through your headphones. This is the only way to unite with it.

Insulator Project has a dark sound, but at the same time it has a philosophical muse and hypnotical aggression. Insulator Projectis a healthy alternative to lifeless software sound. The musicians are using analog synths and powerful digital sound, live guitars and drums. The human is inside the system, created to destroy the human. Destroy the system before it destroys you.



01 Mad Slowness
02 Audio Track One
03 Fatal Communication Error
04 Angry Clicker
05 Freezer

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