Lagunamuch Records
Artist: Lazyfish/Alexandroid
Title: OS
Format: CD
File Under: idm
Availability: Bandcamp


Lazyfish presents his next multifarious great collaboration album OS this time with Alexandroid from Riga. The album contains 11 tracks on cd. Slow melodic tunes and dark heavy beats altogether. Lazyfish has already released an album Vortex in Russia, some deep-tech tunes on Trapez records, an interactive track on the Native Instruments compilation (WMF Records) and his above mentioned collaboration cd with Mewark.

Andrew Antonets aka Alexandroid is from Riga. He released 3 albums with his production partner Alex Matrosov on russian electronic labels and album False Starts on Lo recordings, England. OS is the digital translation of experiences and emotions, a shadow of the past and a view into the future.
Most of the tracks on OS are made by Alexandroid, four by Lazyfish.
Lazyfish and Alexandroid present their rich collection of the (still) wide-range of purely digital-electronic music in many different styles and colours with fantastic additional vocals by Kristi Aivare, Alex Matrosov and Andrew Antonets himself.


01 Pizdets
02 Sokol  
03 Open Space  
04 Swim (Uyuya)
05 80
06 Survive On Mars  
07 Mewark
08 WoYow
09 Blue-Red-Green-White
10 Pink-Blue


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